Rosters APF 2k8 College Football 2017 (32 Teams) XBOX 360

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  1. percy

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    Hey gang! All credit goes to King Javo and his roster editor. This is my first shot at a College Football Roster and it was a "real labor of love". Its two months late because the names would get so jumbled up that it became unreleaseable!! There are a few names that are trashed but most are intact. The uniforms were done as authentically as possible and if an alternate was the best option thats what I rolled with. All the rules for use still apply with every other roster for use on the 360. Enjoy and feel free to drop me a line or even so constructive advice. God bless and play ball!

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  2. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome! I'll be sure to check them out when I have time.
  3. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    SWEET!!, I'll be sure to check them out good work!!
  4. Willk2207

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    brand new to all this where do I download the editor I have a 360 and USB can someone help
  5. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    Search KingJavo editor on this site, he explains everything and gives tutorials for how to accomplish this
  6. Kanobi

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    do these work in season mode?

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