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  1. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    2016-17 Is HERE!

    - All players have been edited, physical attributes (speed, agility, strength, jumping) are all based on combine/pro day numbers. Other ratings are based off my own formulas and Madden ratings (scaled down)

    - NO hex editing is in this file right now. During testing it seems that changing the Rams to "LA" causes issues with the schedule in franchise mode. Needs more testing so maybe in a future update I'll at least hex edit the stadiums.

    - Franchise mode works fine. The "stat glitch" still occurs but I have reduced the number of players effected by it.

    Blocking - 20/32
    Passing - 0/MAX
    Running - 20/MAX
    Catching - MAX/MAX
    Coverage - 0/24
    Pursuit - 0/0
    Tackling - 0/0
    Kicking - 7/20 (it seems that for the USER it only makes the meter faster or slower so the USER slider is up to you)
    Fatigue - 0/0
    Injury - 10
    Fumble - 10
    Interceptions - 0
    Super Catch cheat: ON (if you see too many drops, turn this on)

    What I need from you

    - Feedback!
    - Game box scores, stats, overall experience, etc.


    As you know this is a 1 man "team". A lot of long nights and major headaches were had to try and update this game. But I love it. The rosters will always be free but if you wish to donate you can. Send the donations to nesstah(at) via Paypal. Every cent is greatly appreciated!

    (the XBOX save will be named "Gill2012" still, I don't have an xbox so I can't rename the save)

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  2. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    This file was last updated Week 9 of last season. There's no immediate plans for a 2015-16 update as of now.
  3. hey giil mind if i barrow a few of the player creations from this espn2krosters site for my future bandits freanchise teams on apf 2k8?
  4. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    Yeah sure. I'd suggest checking out my 2K4 file though, it's more up to date.
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  5. thank u so much sir
  6. rachgab

    rachgab Rookie a used copy of the, it's awesome! Very different game play mechanics from Madden NFL games. What does the EQ setting do? I noticed this in APF 2K8 too. The crib feature is really interesting...I need to start collecting those items soon!
  7. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    From my understanding is the EQ kind of ignores player ratings and evens out both teams (ratings wise). So it'll give a weaker team a boost so it has a chance against a higher rated team. Kinda weird, that's why I play with it off. Some people do say it makes the game playe better, so play a few games with it on and off and see how it feels. I think the game manual has a better definition (there's a in-game manual if your copy didn't come with one, unlocks some crib stuff too!).
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  8. gill is the numbers alike on the 2k4 editor and are planning to release a 2015 roster on the 2k4. if not how was you able to determine the rookie that year?
  9. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    Can you try that again in english? haha

    If you're talking about ratings, 2K4 is the most up to date. It has different ratings than this 2K5 file since it's based on last year. For rookies I use some of my formulas. Base it off a players college stats, scaled down, and the NFL combine/pro day results.
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  10. is there a way that i could use some your technics in a modding project im planning on working on
  11. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    Send me a PM or email me (my email is up in the first post under the donations) and we can discuss some things.
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  12. Blackadder

    Blackadder Rookie

    Just let me know if you ever need an updated PS3 save of your awesome roster GB and I''ll be glad to share my friend
  13. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Just checking in... so is there a roster file for 2k5 in the works? I've been bouncing around from BackBreaker to APF to Fever to 2K4 and I'm landing back at the best... 2K5.

    If I need to make a new editor to import 2K4's latest roster I will, but wanted to check the waters first. Let me know! :)
  14. will wilson

    will wilson Rookie

    Do u have 2016 rosters for NFL 2k5 for original xbox
  15. MADNESS77

    MADNESS77 Rookie

    I love NFL 2K5 , and ive been looking at this site and other ones for years and watched tons of you tube videos on how to update the rosters to my xbox 360 , i just am not computer smart i need help cant figure out how you do it i need help some how , either someone make a video 2k5 tutorial for dummies or is there a way to usb flash drive the rosters .......please help me
  16. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    Just a heads up guys. I've gone back to 2K5 this year and I've been working on a new file for this season. I'm hoping to have an initial release in about a week or so.
  17. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    You just made my day bro! If we can export this file using the other new 2K5 text tool, then I can import this into 2K4, BackBreaker, and maybe APF (even though I'm still working on a new file, I may push it as a test).

    DOPE! :)
  18. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    I need to get custom music on my original XBOX. Does anyone have any files or tips on where these go? I forget and could use some help if anyone knows.
  19. GillBoldberg

    GillBoldberg Rookie

    I think the tool just exports the file as a text file, so if you can implement that into the other editors or know an easy process to convert the text to the roster files that will be awesome. I only have a handful of teams left to edit so if you (or anyone else) want to test out my beta file, let me know and I'll post it here or send it to you.
  20. will wilson

    will wilson Rookie

    I be wanting to help people do rosters cause I do them myself

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