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Jeremy Lin Not Loving His End of Year NBA 2K15 Ratings
A lot of 2K fans out there were probably just happy to get everybody back and healthy in the end-of-year NBA 2K15 roster update, but Jeremy Lin is not too psyched his ratings dipped from 78 at the start of the season to a 75 overall at the end of the year. "This game is rigged," said Jeremy Lin in the accompanying YouTube video on his friend AJ Rafael's YouTube channel. Once he got past looking at the grades and looked at the ratings by the numbers, he softened his stance a bit. Still, Jeremy Lin was left in shock when his Strength rating was revealed to be a 35. After showing the camera his bicep, he recovered long enough to be in agreement with his high quickness and speed ratings. But at the end of the day, it's another athlete not in love with his video game ratings. Lin's scoring efficiency did dip a bit this season, but between Byron Scott shying away from three-pointers and the Lakers not having the same type of floor spacing as the Rockets, that's not a real surprise. His defense continued to be underrated, and overall while some will call his season in LA a disappointment, I think Lin showed he will have no problem continuing to be a solid contributor in the NBA. In the meantime, he's put his fans to work by telling them to tell the NBA 2K development team to boost his ratings. ChaseB
[​IMG] Programmer KingJavo has uploaded an early, incomplete version of his homemade PC editor, which allows gamers to alter all the teams and players on the Xbox 360 edition of All-Pro Football 2K8 in more ways than ever before. Version of the editor, which can be downloaded for free from Mediafire, will only work on Windows computers. KingJavo's latest software offers several improvements over All-Pro Football 2K8's previous PC editing program, which was released in April of 2011, and was coded by fellow Operation Sports community member, FlyingFinn. Here are some of the new features:
  • Can change any player name or team name in the game
  • Can switch any player's announced play-by-play name
  • Can place any of the retired legends' faces onto other players
  • Can choose every player's attended college
  • Can select any signature player animation, such as Deacon Jones' head slap, Walter Payton's high step, Lester Hayes' low defensive stance, or Dan Marino's throwing/playaction motions
  • Adds hidden "Bullet Time" and "Helmet High Tackles" player abilities
  • Can swap out any of the 24 CPU-controlled teams and make them one of the 8 user-controlled teams (or vice versa)
  • Improved roster sorter that shows a separate page for each team
  • Can change a team's home stadium without having to reset their roster of generic players
Due to the roster file check that All-Pro Football 2K8 performs whenever you ask the game to access Xbox Live, some of these features (like rewriting names) will only work in offline mode. KingJavo has pledged to continue updating the editor in the coming weeks. Beginners should watch the tutorials on his YouTube page for tips on utilizing all of the editor's features. Currently, users must right-click on the application and select "run as administrator" to get it...