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PES 2018: Breaking Down the Early Info
It’s hard to believe the European soccer season is almost over. With only a handful of Cup matches left, the doldrums of summer are nearly upon us. Thankfully, the team over at Konami has released a teaser trailer as well as an accompanying press release. Regardless of how you feel about teasers, any early news at this stage of the development cycle is better than nothing. Even this most recent 45 seconds of cut-ups shown at close angles is enough to entice the most loyal of PES fans while giving those who are new to the series a glimmer into the niche fan base that is PES. Read More - PES 2018: Breaking Down the Early Info MMChrisS
Super Mega Baseball 2 Scheduled to Release in September - New Trailer Metalhead Software has just released a new Super Mega Baseball 2 trailer, featuring a closer look at the stadiums, characters, and character animations in the game. While no official release date has been given, Super Mega Baseball 2 is scheduled to release sometime in the month of September. Steve_OS
Road to the Show: A Noobs Journey in MLB The Show 17
Last month, I documented my first-time experiences with MLB The Show as a self-confessed “noob” of the series. Since then, I’ve spent most of my time in Road to the Show, embarking on a virtual career in a sport I’m not overly familiar with. This is a recap of my first ever season in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 17. Prior to getting started, I opted for the zone hitting system, armed with the brilliantly accessible dynamic difficulty setting to aid my gradual progression both at the plate and in the field. It was a season of highs, lows and endless discovery. Give it a read, let me know your thoughts and feel free to offer tips in the comments box below! Read More - Road to the Show: A Noobs Journey in MLB The Show 17 MMChrisS
MLB The Show 17 Patch 1.07 Available Now, Patch Notes Included MLB The Show 17 patch 1.07 is available now, weighing in at just over 47 MB. Check out the patch notes below and post your thoughts. Thanks FL1GHTMARE!
First Off-Screen NBA Live 18 Screenshot
The first off-screen NBA Live 18 screenshot has been revealed, via Chris Denker. By the looks of it, NBA Live 18 was shown to a select few (some of them had their face scanned into the game), so we might hear some details come from it soon. Steve_OS
Tennis World Tour Arrives in 2018, Ultra-Realistic Sim From Former Top Spin 4 Team
(Above screenshot is from Top Spin 4 on Xbox 360)
Bigben and Breakpoint have just announced Tennis World Tour, scheduled to arrive in 2018 on consoles and PC. The experienced team behind the Top Spin license are working on the game and promise it to be an ultra-realistic simulation of the sport. Read the full press release below, more information is scheduled to arrive during Gamescom 2017.
Bigben and Breakpoint are pleased to announce Tennis World Tour, the new standard for tennis games, due for release in 2018 on consoles and PC. In order to make the best possible game and match players' expectations, the studio has brought in an experienced team which has worked on the "Top Spin" license. Pierre André, Game Designer on Tennis World Tour and former Producer on "Top Spin 4": "For years we've wanted to create a new tennis game, a spiritual successor to "Top Spin 4". Technical evolutions now mean we can create the ultra-realistic simulation that we've been dreaming of." Benoît Clerc, Director of Video Games at Bigben: "We are proud to give to all tennis fans a game worthy of their enthusiasm. The level of quality, wealth of content and game mechanics will ensure Tennis World Tour is one of the best sport simulations on the market." This desire to provide a faithful tennis simulation translates into demanding gameplay during rally, a wide range of playing styles and a strategic preparation that influences the course of each match. In addition to that, Tennis World Tour lets you experience the career of a professional: more than 30 playable tennis stars including Roger...
Madden NFL 17 Championship Recap
Sixteen of the top Madden 17 players locked up in Burbank, CA this past weekend for their shot at $150,000, a title belt that would make The Rock blush and the right to call themselves Madden 17 Champion. Before the weekend was over, a total of $500,000 would be given away to the top-32 players. Read More - Madden NFL 17 Championship Recap (Written by: Daniel Owens) Steve_OS
NBA Playgrounds: A New Take on Street Style Basketball
NBA Playgrounds is a fine-tuned blend of arcade basketball and competitive play. It has a tendency to lean on the former, but the 2-on-2 matches can get awfully tense in the final moments of a game, especially in more difficult matches against the A.I. The game strives to be a modern-day take on the NBA Jam formula, letting players leave realism and simulation at the door in favor of a faster pace. It doesn't live up to the aforementioned classic, but it's just fresh enough that it's able to chisel a spot for itself among the short list of arcade sports titles on the current generation of consoles. Read More - NBA Playgrounds: A New Take on Street Style Basketball MMChrisS
Some PES 2018 Features, Screenshots & Teaser Trailer Revealed, Releases September 12 According to, PES 2018 is scheduled to release on September 12. The site has also revealed some new screenshots and some of the features that will be available in the game this year. UPDATE: Konami has just released their PES 2018 teaser trailer. PES 2018 New Features
  • Gameplay Masterclass – Strategic Dribbling, Real Touch+ and new set pieces take the unrivalled gameplay to the next level
  • Presentation Overhaul – New menus and real player images
  • PES League Integration – Compete with PES League in new modes including myClub
  • Online Co-op -A mode dedicated to co-op play is newly added
  • Random Selection Match – Fan favourite returns with new presentation and features
  • Master League Upgrade – New pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, presentations and functionality
  • Enhanced Visual Reality – New lighting, reworked player models and animations covering everything from facial expressions to body movement to bring the game to life
Microsoft has also revealed some of the exclusive content pre-order bonuses.
  • 2x Premium Partner Agents for myClub
  • UCL Agent for myClub
  • Exclusive Agent for myClub
You will also receive bonus myClub content:
  • 4x Start Up Agents
  • 1x Partner Club Agent
  • 10,000 GP x 10 weeks
How to Build A Diamond Dynasty Squad on the Cheap in MLB The Show 17
While Diamond Dynasty remains the crown jewel in MLB The Show 17 for SDS -- receiving the most attention from the developers, thanks in no small part to being a cash cow that sees players spending small fortunes to stack their teams with powerful squads -- it’s a mode that still remains intimidating and inaccessible for many. This is likely because many players simply refuse to invest the same kind of capital as others and therefore believe it’s not even worth trying to keep up with all of the Joneses with deep pockets. But the reality is you don’t actually need to spend so much as a dime in order to put together a competitive Diamond Dynasty squad. You just need to know how to harness all of the resources the game provides you free of charge to cobble together a team that can take you up the leaderboard. Here are some tips that can have you climbing the Diamond Dynasty ranks in no time. Read More - How to Build A Diamond Dynasty Squad on the Cheap in MLB The Show 17 (Written by: Kevin Scott) Steve_OS