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Gaming News Super Mega Baseball 2 Releases Patch 1.04
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Super Mega Baseball 2 has released a new update (patch 1.04) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam. Check out the patch notes below.
Gaming News MLB The Show 18 adds new patch to improve PCI
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MLB The Show 18 is releasing a new Patch 1.11 is scheduled for Thursday June 7th at 3AM PT to try and improve PCI placement rewards when batting. The update doesn't seem to have any effects on groundballs and popups, but instead lining up the PCI accuractely left/right will expand the cutoff between a fly ball or a popup more than in previous versions. This really only focuses on balls thrown directly above or below the center of the PCI marker.
Gaming News Super Mega Baseball 2 Pennant Race Update rolling out tonight
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A new update to tweak low scoring Pennant Race games as just rolled out on the Super Mega Baseball 2 servers. It seems Metalhead Software plans to tweak the online modes consistently based on the number of updates released since the game went live a few weeks ago. Click here to learn more...
Gaming News MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.10 Releases to Fix PCI Issues
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MLB The Show 18 has just released a new patch to try and resolve gameplay issues gathered and digested from all of its community channels. San Diego Studios aims to make the "most realistic simulation baseball game on the market" and they have indentified negative downstream effects with some of their simulation systems when playing competitively online.
Victor_SDS said:
We've always strived to make the most...
Gaming News Super Mega Baseball 2 Update 3 Patch Notes Released
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Super Mega Baseball 2 has yet another patch being released in tonight. Metalhead Software seems determined to provide outstanding support with its 3rd patch in only a couple of weeks since the game's release. Update 3 Notes
  • Show Ego & Rating for both players before a match in Pennant Race...
Patches MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.09 Released
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MLB The Show 18 releases another patch today. The game tries to improve problems with fielding and batting that have hindered the series since it first released. Even though pitching has been updated in past patches, this patch leaves these out.
Gameplay Improvements and Stabilizations
  • Fewer hard choppers, dribblers and popups in online and local two-player games.
  • Logic adjustments to increase the urgency of fielding in the infield. Specifically for DP...