Omengod, I just downloaded the apf roster editor 1.6 a couple days ago and am making up rosters now. It's taking forever though. I have the offense for the Saints built and that's it. I suck at computers though! I'm only gonna build 8 teams (since we can only play any 8 at a time) and go from there. I'll let you know how it goes. If I get them complete in a week or so, I'll ask you what teams you want to play with and I might make those. Don't bank on it though, as I am taking my time to make sure little things are correct like: looking at recent 2017 game photos to see what players are wearing to match their equipment, making sure colleges are correct, birthdays are correct, and faces for legends are as close as possible. Also, putting some of what I think ratings should be on people. Turning catch down for defenders so 6 picks a game doesn't happen! This is a new project for me, and I still have to test how they play out after I make them, so I'll let you know how it goes. Probably slow though.
I need help from anyone that knows the 1.6 editor. I am trying to create rosters and am running into a major problem with player names. On my created teams, some player names are just not there and if I put one in and save the file, it will revert back to the name that it was. Does anyone know how to get all of the names into a created team without them messing up? This is a major hold-up on me creating rosters! Thanks!
Just an update for everyone:

I have been able to create the Saints and Panthers teams and the game play seems to be pretty awesome. I was gone this entire weekend to attend a family wedding so I haven't been able to mess with rosters since last Thursday. I plan to start grinding and get at least 2 other teams created this week. Probably the Pats and Raiders. I am using weekly updated Madden ratings for most of the attributes and it seems to be decent for APF game play. A couple attributes do not match up, so I am making an educated guess based on other ratings and it seems to be going well.


There seems to be a problem with some of the player names. It seems like no matter what I do, there are a few that just seem to be corrupted and un-fixable (at least from my knowledge). Here's an example of what I mean:
Before I even enter some of the cells to fix a player name, the name may be jacked up in several ways that just don't seem right. I will have a name like Mike Richards, but I will see one of the following Mi Richards, Mikechards Richards, or Mike RichardsMik. After I go in to edit the name to a current NFL player (and save it), it seems to fix it until I leave and go back into the file or play it on the 360. Then it either deletes a first or last name, jumbles the new name I put in, or goes back to the original name that was weird. As you all know, this is a major problem because we all want to see the current NFL players on teams, and it feels cheap if the name is all jacked up, even if the face is close, attributes are there, and game play is amazing. It still needs the correct names, and with only 42 player slots, there is already a limited number of slots for players to edit.

If anyone can help out with this fix that would make me move a little faster, and maybe making most NFL teams would be possible in a decent time. I just started making rosters a few weeks ago, so please bear with me. I am currently in a conversation with King Javo as I ask him a novel's worth of questions every few days!

Side question: Does anyone know the people that used to make rosters on this site? What happened? Did they just stop? Give up? It seems like people just stopped! I get it, it's time consuming. I am a father of 3, (including a 3 month old) and I still find time (when they sleep or before they wake up, or if Daddy just needs an hour to himself, lol!. I just figured if people were this opposed to playing Madden that they would find a game from 2007 and find out how to edit it, and they would be dedicated to making the community stay alive! Editing is no joke! I didn't realize how time consuming and frustrating this crap can be! A couple of times I almost said "F this, I'm playing Madden! At least they have ok graphics and have correct players!" Then I watch Madden 18 videos from people like Ryan Moody and I can't do it, I just can't do it. EA is crap, and for anyone that knows past a 5 year old's level of football, that game is why controllers go through TVs and friendships are broken, lol!

I wouldn't be opposed to people working together and file sharing to make and edit rosters. I don't know how everyone else feels, but I would personally pay for rosters that were created and put out quarterly with updates on player attributes and fixes. I would love to see this community come to life like the NFL 2k5 community on operation rate sports. APF is definitely the best simulation football game out to date and until some of the new ones get more on their feet (this will definitely take a couple of years), we need to keep this game alive! I will continue to make this a hobby of mine, but I am not that great with computers, and nothing less than my will to play a "as close to real life" NFL game made me start getting into editing. Aaaanyway, I am going off on a tangent so I will end this here and just ask that if anyone can help out, we can organize and make this thing happen. Even maybe play with edited NFL rosters online in mini-tournaments, That would be legit!
Is there still support for this product?
What do you mean by support or product? Support for the game? The editor? King Javo does a good job of answering questions for me about the editor so that I can make fixes. The game, I would say that people are doing the updates at their leisure because they don't seem to be as frequent as they used to be. There are people that still play and still want to play. It just makes it difficult to get updated rosters since people have to take their personal time out and update them themselves.