Anyone still on here?

Are you guys still playing this game? I am also looking to have this game soon. From the starting only, all of my friends used to play a football simulation video game in a team on a console. They inspired me to have this video game. I also want to play in a team. Currently, I am playing a FIFA 18 on my PC in a single player mode. Playing this game is like taking yourself to the next world of the football players. I choose PC as a gaming platform because playing game on the PC is like one can play any type of video game like a shooter, adventure, and many other. Well, FIFA can be either played in single player as well as in multiplayer mode. I used to play this game in single player mode. One can also buy FIFA 18 to play if interested in playing a simulation video game. There are different FIFA series like FIFA 15, FIFA 16, etc with different other features but I start with the FIFA 18 and I found it very interesting. In this game, with some tricks and strategy, one can extract more fun and entertainment. The latest version of FIFA that is FIFA 19 has recently been launched, I saw its reviews and it is amazing.