Breaking Down the Top 10 Rookies in Madden NFL 20

Breaking Down the Top 10 Rookies in Madden NFL 20 In the latest Gridiron Notes, Associate Designer Andre Weingarten and Producer/Ratings Guru, Dustin Smith break down the top 10 rookies in Madden NFL 20.

The list is based on overall rating, and in cases where there are ties at an overall number, the Madden Ratings Adjustor team discussed and ranked those players.

We’ve posted the top 3 below, but read the full breakdown at the official site.

3. NICK BOSA – RE 49ers: (78 OVR)

At 79, Bosa’s Finesse Move is the best among all rookies. Thanks to his elite burst and bend for the position, combined with an incredibly refined pass rush plan, Bosa is a day 1 plug and play starter in base or pass rushing downs.

2. ED OLIVER JR. – DT Bills: (79 OVR)

Oliver’s athletic profile is unreal for an interior player, as he has the speed of a Linebacker, the agility of an edge rusher, and the strength of a DT. In a role that will capitalize on his strengths, Oliver’s best football is definitely ahead of him.


His 81 block shed is the best in the rookie class & T-14th at DT. Despite only 1 year as a starter, Williams obliterated anyone in his path. He can win with speed or power, and has a nose for the ball-carrier in run defense. He comes in as our best rookie, and should be an immediate impact player for the Jets.

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