Featured Chain Gang, Sim vs Arcade, and More - Indie Devlog Update

King Javo

King of APFe
Staff member

Happy New Year!

Just thought I'd drop a quick video discussing a new feature to Legend Bowl I think you're gonna like!

In this video, I discuss adding in a "Chain Gang" and how that adds polish and detail to the game. Being a SIM minded guy, I want this game to have a nice bit of quality and realism even though it's an old school pixel graphics style. Normally I would add this to my devlog videos, but thought it would be easier and take less time to just drop this update like this instead.

I'm not sure if I'll continue to do weekly devlog videos to save time while I crunch to get this game released, but updates will come at some level so don't worry if you like following along.

That's it for now everybody!

Thanks for following Legend Bowl's creation process and look forward to a release in 2020!

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