Featured Gameplay Improvements, Routes, Rushing, Defensive Roles - Indie Devlog Series

King Javo

King of APFe
Staff member

This week was busy continuing work on game play issues from the changes to add two player to the game, along with new AI logic for players to adhere to called plays using the new play calling system.

The work began with testing turnovers and making sure the proper teams were getting the ball and the ball was being placed at the correct spot on the field. The new changes to add two player to the game has caused a variety of new bugs that continue to pop up and should be around for a little while until I can test things enough to clean up the core game play engine.


While dealing with testing game play issue, I spent time working through the play calling screens to get plays you pick to be the actual plays being run by each team on both offense and defense. Depth chart issues needed to be added into the mix and players needed to get proper routes and roles assigned to them prior to the snap.

Offensive plays were the first priority with blockers, receivers, and rushers all taking on new AI programming to act out each play as designed. This included go routes, cutback routes, and more. Rush blocking was vastly improved to run on a path more intelligently and block defenders in their way. This took some time to get working because on a toss play, for instance, the blockers would try to block the lineman on the line too early and not run their path before looking for defenders to block. In the end, I think it's working better now and I'm satisfied for now to keep moving onto defensive plays.


Defensive plays were never being drawn or used up to this point. So I had to get the plays from the play calling menu to draw for the defense on the field as the first step. Next, was to get the players to actually take on a role of QB spy, man, zone, deep zone, blitz, or delayed blitz where as before it was simply man or zone roles.


In the end, I'm satisfied with the progress made this week and the game is getting closer to feeling like a complete game on the field each week that passes. I'm looking forward to the next coming weeks and can't wait for what lies ahead in 2020! Be sure to leave comments if you want to get your voice heard or have any feedback on the game.