Gaming News HYPER SPORTS R coming to the Nintendo Switch


Konami has announced Hyper Sports R, a successor to the Hyper Sports arcade game, is heading to the Nintendo Switch. HYPER SPORTS R, is a new sports simulation title, to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Compete in a variety of individual and team sports, and train a team to take on rivals as you race for a spot at the top.

There will be multiple modes in Hyper Sports R, though only to have been revealed so far. Campaign lets people pick one of over 20 characters, put them on a team and develop their skills. You then follow their stories and help them win at a series of events. Another mode is Quick Play, where up to four people can quickly hop into single events. Over 20 characters will be available. So far, only three events have been revealed: beach volleyball, swimming and track and field. It will support classic controls and motion controls, though the initial information specifically mentions motion controls being available in the Quick Play mode.

King Javo