Join the IFL today as a player 100 % Free

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Hey Guys it's Allen. The IFL is a sim league ran on All Pro Football 2K8 . You as a player will control a character in a virtual setting you pick your position chose his height weight number etc. Simular to my player in NBA 2k. You deal with your contract pick your abilities etc. Once you to decide to join you'll be invited to our slack channel. And meet some very cool people who love football much and you do. All of this is absolutely free. Even though our graphics will not be the best as in the SFL we will never charge our community. But I can't spread the word on my own invite everyone you can. It's a way we will be able to interact and with the community and even grow with new people. This is the site to choose how your player will be.
Meet the name of our staff and invite as many people as your able to. The best part you be able to watch your player on T.V.hope to here from you soon.And any people who are interested have them email me and I'll get them signed up with our commissioner.
Thanks Allen