Featured Kickoff Plays, Fumbles, Interceptions, Local Multiplayer, and More - Indie Devlog Series

King Javo

King of APFe
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In this week's Legend Bowl devlog video, I continued the work from last episode with playcalling and getting the game to run using cpu vs cpu, human vs cpu, or human vs human. It all started with working on Kick plays and getting the game to identify controller inputs on the playcalling menus for either player or cpu alone.

The idea is to work through the game from the coin toss all the way until the game ends and get plays working along with the different player vs player modes without any major bugs. As I worked through this, I started running into weird bugs that were new or old and I never really noticed them before which added more to my plate. Turnovers, ball placement, teams being on the same side of the ball, and other various bugs were popping up as I worked through my task list.

Progress was definitely made and I'm pretty close to getting things working for all the player modes, but you'll have to watch the video to see how far I got! Hope you enjoy the LONG episode and thanks for watching!

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