Gaming News Madden 19 to be released on PC


Madden 19 has shared news that it will be coming to PC this year. This is the first time since 2007 that fans have experienced Madden on the PC. Madden 07 is still played and modded by fans even today and I'm sure PC gamers are estatic about the news. PC rumors have always been at play over the last decade and now it's a reality.

The game will be available on Origin Access as a digital download only product. With DLC becoming more of a revenue stream than a decade ago, piracy concerns from years past are not as big of a concern nowadays and point to why now is a good time to get back to PC. There will also be a new tier of Origin Access called Premier that will include new games being fully playable not just limiting it to Vault games, similar to what Microsoft has done with the Xbox Game Pass.
King Javo