MLB The Show 19 March to October Details, Video and Screenshots

MLB The Show 19 March to October Details, Video and Screenshots GameStop has posted their official MLB Monday, featuring MLB The Show 19’s new March to October mode with game designer, John Livingston.

We’ve embedded the video below, along with some bulleted details and captured screenshots. Make sure to post your thoughts.

New #MLBMonday means new @MLBTheShow game mode reveal with March to October, a fast paced mode all about getting your team to the post season and beyond

— GameStop (@GameStop) March 4, 2019

  • March to October allows players to experience all of the excitement of your teams season, in less time, by having you play on the seasons key games and moments
  • Your performance in these games really count, as the outcome will impact a teams momentum factor, that in-turn, influences how your team performs in the simulated games that happen in between the ones you play
  • Starting your March to October – Choose a franchise: Teams are divided into 4 expectation tiers – Favorites, Contenders, Underdogs and Longshots
  • Next you choose a difficulty level – Depending on what you select, will determine which rewards package you will earn, if you take your team to a World Series championship
  • Over 100 unique team themed rewards available, the harder the difficulty, the better your reward
  • Action begins in the middle to late innings of your opening day matchup, after playing the game to its end, you will be shown how the outcome has affected the team momentum
  • As you watch the calendar advance to your next key game, you will notice the outcomes of the simulated games are influenced by the positive or negative momentum you earned previously
  • Through the repetition of game flow, you will be delivered from episode to episode with maximum action and intrigue and minimal menu interfacing
  • In most episodes you will play as the whole team, but there are select player lock episodes
  • You could be asked to execute a key duty from a GM
  • As you progress through the season, unique narrative commentary will progressively and dynamically unfold to the story of your clubs campaign
  • Content will vary based not only on how your season is going, but also on how your teams performance compares to what was expected entering the season
  • This fast paced mode is all about getting your team to the postseason and beyond

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