MLB The Show 19 Twitch Stream Schedule Revealed

MLB The Show 19 Twitch Stream Schedule Revealed MLB The Show 19 developer Twitch streams will begin on February 7 and run through March 20. Every Monday, until release, will feature a GameStop Monday video.

Topics of note include an overhauled defensive intelligence to gameplay.

  • Player Differentiation Improvement Suite
  • Defensive Efficiency
  • Situation Awareness 2.0
  • Player Attributes mean more on defense and more…
Hitting advancements in The Show 19 have increased the significance of user skill and player tools.

  • Player attribute rebalancing
  • Hitting/Pitching improvements
  • PCI accuracy
  • Bunting
  • Closed alpha learnings and more…
Chase the Big League Dream in Road to the Show

  • Playable training
  • Personality growth and relationships
  • Archetypes retooled and more…
Brand new “Moments” mode

  • Diamond Dynasty paradigm shift
  • Multiple lineups
  • Conquest challenges
  • Quality of life improvements and more…
Brand new “March to October” mode

  • Presentation/commentary improvements
  • Another member joins the broadcast crew
  • Franchise mode update: Contract extensions
Check out the full schedule below. If you missed the gameplay trailer for MLB The Show 19, you can watch it here.

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