Gaming News NBA LIVE 19 Demo Available 8/24


In NBA LIVE 19, you’re on a quest to be The ONE.
  • Create and customize your home court to take on competition across the globe.
  • Choose current players and basketball legends to join your squad as you defend your court and team rank against the best competition on the planet.
What does it mean to be The ONE?

This year we’re bringing new signature Subclasses and personalized playstyles that let you shape your player’s skills. Each time you play counts toward your progress tracker called The ONE score, no matter if you’re playing the League or The Streets modes.

What game modes are available with the demo?
  • The ONE modes
  • The ONE store
  • The Rise
  • Live Events
    • 15 events
    • Multiple events per day
    • Demo events
  • Customize Player
  • Customize Court
  • Practice
  • Drills
  • 1v0
  • 1v1
  • 5v5 Scrimmage
  • NBA Play Now
    • Unlocks after you complete two games of The Rise
    • Teams available: Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics
  • WNBA Play Now
    • Unlocks after you complete two games of The Rise
    • Teams available: Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx
What game modes aren’t available in the demo?
  • Court Battles
  • LIVE Run
  • LIVE Ultimate Team
  • Franchise
  • Online Head-to-Head
How does The ONE mode work?
  • The League – Get drafted and prove that you’re worthy of being the MVP of the NBA in your solo career.
  • The Streets – Play at some of the most storied venues in the world, including Dyckman Park, Seattle Pacific University, and Venice Beach, including solo, multi-player, or co-op play.
What else can I do in The ONE mode?

Take your game LIVE. Play challenges, boss battles, and other live events to hit the court and earn daily rewards.

Choices you make on your journey determine the skills you earn, the gear you wear, and your quest toward being The ONE.

How do I upgrade my players?

In the demo you’ll get one Customizable Player. This player can reach level 20 using Grind Currency (XP).

Your player is reset inside the Customize Player Hub, and when your player hits level 20, you won’t earn any more Progression or Grind currency.
  • Your players MAX level is 99 in the full game.
How can I earn more points for my Customizable Player?
  • Reward Points (RP)
  • Grind Currency (XP)
  • Trait Progression
  • Icon Progression
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