I was going through some of my old football games and actually popped this in the other day.

It's an okay game. I just never sunk a lot of time into since it feels a bit dated nowadays.


Aha, I didn't know NCAA 2K3 existed! Thanks RR for the heads up!! I've been playing EA Sports' old NCAA series recently too and was thinking it's almost criminal how vastly better than Madden it is in every respects. It's another bittersweet thing though isn't it, as then we start thinking how sensible it would be if we had Madden NFL inside the superior ESPN NCAA game engine at least. Nevermind a potential 2015 NFL game engine today inside NBA2K16 or Sony San Diego MLB The Show studios... *cries* EA Tiburon = Inspector Clouseau and I am Herbert Lom going insane eye twitching just thinking about how EA Tiburon + NFL's gay marriage utterly destroyed NFL videogames over the last decade! They knew that enough gullible victims would fall for their scam and carry on buying Madden regardless. EA Tiburon are the Enron of the videogames industry.


I wish 2K would make a deal with the NCAA and the players so that they could make NCAA games again. A well-made 2K NCAA Football game would be glorious.
Had anybody played s FIFA video game which is I think similar to this and I know that I am so late here but currently I am playing it.