Gaming News New PES 2016 Teaser Trailer

King Javo

King of APFe
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Well, that came out of the blue! Not complaining though as PES 2016 has been officially teased by Konami ahead of the full reveal on 12th June.

The teaser trailer, coming in at just under 30 seconds, shows off some close-up footage of PES 2016 that looks stunning to say the least. It seems like Konami (the PES team to be exact) are really getting to grips with the FOX Engine.

As rumoured yesterday, this teaser also brings with a first look at PES 2016’s new cover star, Neymar. Being the cover star he takes up a lot of the teaser trailer’s time (looking rather amazing I might add), but that’s to be expected.

Player models look amazing, but there are all sorts of cool little things in the teaser trailer too. Water splashing up from the turf, player collisions and even Totti celebrating with a selfie on his phone!

I’m working on a written analysis piece at the moment, so you won’t miss a cool moment or potential nugget of information. It will be up very soon. Promise. Until then watch the PES 2016 teaser trailer over and over again!