Rosters NFL2K17 Rosters Version 1 (APF2K8 XBOX 360)

I just tried the roster they work fine playing exhibition games but it will freeze when trying to start a season 20160828_011136.jpg and it doesn't work
Great work on these rosters.

I just bought an XBOX 360 and was wondering if you could possibly upload the newest version of KingJavo's editor? All of the links I have found have been linked directly to his personal website which is no longer active.
Here's the link:

1. This roster is based on a set by “bigdave" on this board last year. Thanks for the hard work! The uniforms come from various roster sets over the years. So thanks to everybody worked on rosters over the years and especially KingJavo for the editor.

2. I used Madden for physical ratings (combine numbers for rookies) and Pro Football Focus ratings for skill and ability ratings

3. The NFC West, East, South as well as the AFC West, East, and North are CPU teams represented in the Season mode. The rest of the teams are available for the user.

4. There are some teams with names scrambled (49ers, Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks, Bengals). Not quite sure about a fix right now.

5. If there are any inaccuracies let me know and I’ll try to correct them.
I know I am late, but are these still being done especially for PS3?