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The NHL 19 open beta starts today and ends on August 2nd. EA Sports has been holding these open betas since NHL 16 and now adds several different modes and features for NHL 19's beta. This comes off the heels of the cover athlete was announced.
When creating your character for the Beta, you’ll choose from twelve skater or three goalie classes that determine your ratings, abilities, and playstyle. If you want to be a prolific goal-scorer, then the Sniper class is a perfect choice for lighting the lamp. If you’re looking to run right through opponents as they try to deke their way to a goal, then the Enforcer Defenseman class will give you the strength to crush the competition. If you want to be a goalie, then there are three classes available for your backstop.

You’ll also be able to equip your character with traits that impact attribute ratings, and specialties that give your team boosts in certain situational moments. Traits have positive and negative impacts on skater performance, such as the Booming Slapper trait, which boosts your players’ shot power, but also decreases accuracy. Specialties can give you and your teammates bonuses in particular moments, such as a stamina increase after scoring a goal. Keep in mind the size of your player when determining your strategy, as height and weight affect skating speed, skating style, balance, hitting, and other attributes.

Modes like NHL Ones, Threes Drop-In, and Pro-Am are all designed to help you find the playstyle that’s right for your skater when you go into EA Sports Hockey League. In NHL Ones, competing 1v1v1 will help you decide what class to use, as you look to score more goals than your opponents in any way possible. Dance around the competition with a Dangler, or go for the strong and skilled Power Forward. Create saved loadouts with different height, weight, player class, traits, and specialities for any mode or situation. There’s a style for everyone in the World of CHEL, and you’ll need to find your way before you join an EA Sports Hockey League Club.

Another great way of practicing your skills is with Pro-Am, a mode that lets you pick a position for a game of three-on-three with some of the biggest names in hockey. This single-player experience helps you get the hang of various positions in a fun and wide-open competition that will go a long way once you join a team in EA Sports Hockey League. Threes Drop-In offers an over-the-top, arcade-inspired, 3v3 hockey experience, where you can match up with other Threes players and take on opposing squads. Combine the skills you pick-up while playing NHL Ones, Threes Drop-In, and Pro-Am in the World of CHEL as you look to dominate the EA Sports Hockey League.
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NHL 19 will introduce the Real Player Motion animation system that’s in all EA Sports games this year and outdoor rinks. NHL ONES (1v1v1) joins the NHL THREES that debuted last year as complimentary arcade-style modes when the game releases September 11 (pricier Legends or Ultimate Editions) or September 14.
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