NHL 21 World of Chel Features, Details & Improvements Revealed

NHL 21 World of Chel Features, Details & Improvements Revealed EA Sports has shared plenty of details about the new features and improvements coming to NHL 21 World of Chel mode, including the introduction of WoC Seasons, practice mode and much more.

Here are just some of those details in the blog:

  • New Ranking System
  • Club Final Championship at the end of each season
  • Traits rework + New Traits added at the start of each season
  • Practice Mode
    • Club Scrimmage
    • Open Practice
    • Free Skate
  • Server Select for Private Matches
    • For third party leagues that use the Private Game option from the Clubs 3v3 or 6v6 Dressing Rooms, we have added a sub option that allows for the group to choose which game server location they want to host the game from.
  • Human goalies can control the extra attacker now
    • Human Goalies who skate to the bench, can now control the extra attacker player (who would normally be an AI skater).
  • WOC Menu Restructured
    • With WoC Seasons being so integrated into the core WoC experience we felt it was a good opportunity to restructure the HUB a bit. The Clubs HUB is now accessible from the WoC HUB. Multiplayer modes are clustered in their own section and Pro-Am is more visible to our newer users.
Those are just some of the new features and improvements, make sure to read the latest NHL 21 blog for more details.

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