NHL 22 Closed Technical Test is Live

NHL 22 Closed Technical Test is Live For those of you that signed up for the NHL 22 Closed Technical Test earlier this month, codes are being sent out to select individuals today. Keep an eye out for the email and redeem your code at the PlayStation or Xbox Store respectively.

The World of Chel is featured in the technical test. Here’s what’s available.

  • Pro-Am
  • Ones Eliminator
  • Threes Eliminator
  • EASHL Drop-in (3v3 and 6v6)
  • EASHL Clubs (3v3 and 6v6)
If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for the NHL 22 Closed Technical Test, you can try your luck with various giveaway opportunities from the official @EASPORTSNHL Twitter account.

Feel free to post feedback here, but EA is specifically looking for feedback at the Closed Technical Test forums. Don’t stream or upload any content from the technical test, EA will ban all of your accounts.

NHL 22 Closed Technical Test Known Issues


  • X-factor ability tuning
  • Ability indicator state tuning
  • AI gap control tuning
  • Penalty balance tuning
  • Stick in physics around board consistency
  • Protect puck consistency
  • Between legs deflection accuracy
  • Interception animations off the ice allowing puck to go through
  • Goalie AI rarely getting stuck in a cover loop
  • Goalies getting too far ahead when tracking a laterally moving puck
  • AI goalies poke check frequency
  • Goal scoring balance
  • Shootout/Penalty shot scoring balance
  • Haptic and vibration tuning not final
  • Haptic feedback may stay enabled if you have it disabled but your teammates still have it active
  • Defender facing angles: skaters sometimes face the net and away from the passing lane

  • Select Mode option shown in Post Matchup when it shouldn’t be available
  • Eliminators Dressing Rooms show large Matchmaking widget
  • A number of screens that contain similar colored text/buttons as the backgrounds which make them difficult to read
  • 2D jersey renders of club jerseys in the Dressing Room appear corrupted or visually inaccurate in color and or are squished
  • Sometimes bags are available but cannot be opened. This can be rectified by leaving/re-entering the mode
  • Custom club jerseys default to black instead of the club creator’s favorite team colors
  • In the rare case, player may encounter loss of dressing room functionality on first time boot. Issue is resolved by restarting the game
  • EASHL: Attempting to use ‘Invite Player To Club’ may cause the game to hang
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