Program to put the roster files ON my XBOX 360 ???

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I'm new here and just a little computer and was wondering after I download the latest rosters for APF2K8 what program do I use to get the files onto my XBOX 360 ??? and is it semi easy to use???? Thanks for any assistance.


King Javo

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You don't need a program. You can open the 360 usb on your pc and save the roster via windows folders. First, you'll need to resign it either through the editor though.

To do it through the editor, you'd want to save a default roster file from your 360 to USB, load it into the editor, open options and import those keys into the editor so they save for the future.

Now that you have your 360 device id, etc saved in your editor, then you can open up ANY roster and when you save, it will automatically rehash and resign it for you using your saved xbox 360 id's.

Here's a video on how to do it.

Hope this helps! :)