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Just wondering if it's possible to edit the uniforms for edited teams in any way. I can't bypass through all the menus to get to the edit uniform screen. When I go to edit a team, it's showing that I still have to select a Bronze player. Then it freezes. So am I basically stuck with the uniforms and can't edit them?

King Javo

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I would just create a uniform using a new roster file and then load it in the editor and upload that uniform to the editor. Then load your original file and apply that new uniform to your team. That should work.
I think you would have to start with a new file, un-edited. With the regular APF teams. Create a new team or teams, and create the uniform one by one. Then, upload it to the editor. At least that's what I think the idea is. Seems like a lot of work!
That's what I did, but I couldn't find the option to upload the uniforms in the editor for other teams. It still only had the same options for the uniforms already in there. Thanks though I'll likely try it again when I get the chance