Sim Style Baseball?


As much as this game seems to look arcade style, let me be the first to tell you it's 100% NOT! It is very sim style and has a unique fielding perspective that I love.

If you love baseball and simulation games, this is worth a try. Let me know what you think?
I've been meaning to play this.

It reminds me of Konami's Power Pros series with the cartoony style. Power Pros is still one of my favorites, and despite it's appearance was pretty damn deep. It has a similar engine to the Pro Yakyuu Spirits series, less realistic obviously.

I'll stop fanboying now and get around to checking this game out.

King Javo

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I can say this game is a TON of fun with plenty of sim aspects. I played with my brother when it first was released and we loved it. Definitely worth a try IMHO.
This is my favorite game and I play it nonstop. I just made the playoffs as the number one seed. Bad news is, I'm playing the Crocodons in the first round and they beat me every time I played them this season.