Gaming News Super Mega Baseball 2 Update 3 Patch Notes Released


Super Mega Baseball 2 has yet another patch being released in tonight. Metalhead Software seems determined to provide outstanding support with its 3rd patch in only a couple of weeks since the game's release.

Update 3 Notes
  • Show Ego & Rating for both players before a match in Pennant Race mode.
  • Improvements to season scheduling algorithm to better distribute games played when using unusual conference/division breakdowns.
Issues addressed:
  • Fixed: Potential hang in character/uniform editor when editing uniforms/players.
  • Fixed: Potential save data issues (Sorry Slugger).
  • Fixed: Visual issues when rapidly flipping through options in the uniform editor.
  • Fixed: Issue where tables with many entries would advance 2 pages instead of 1.
  • Fixed: Some incorrect distance labels on outfield fences.
  • Fixed: Volume levels of female umpires.
  • Fixed: Boat in Emerald Diamond Stadium potentially drawing in the wrong spot for 1 frame.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when swapping the defensive position of a pitcher with a position player.
  • Fixed: Reduced number of step-out attempts allowed in Pennant Race games.
The patch fixes various issues, bugs, and critical crashes identified in the game. Nothing major, in terms of new features or updates in this patch. But hey, stability and fixes are always welcome to enjoy this awesome game!
King Javo