Gaming News Tennis World Tour is now available without online multiplayer


Today is release day for Tennis World Tour on PS4 and XBOX One with Nintendo and PC coming later in June. Much to our surprise, the game was released without online capabilities as what seems to be an unfinished feature that was assumed to be included in the game. Online multiplayer is said to be included as a future release without any specified dates.
Tennis World Tour said:

We’re committed to supporting and improving Tennis World Tour way past the release date and you can expect additional content and improvements in the coming weeks and months.
We will share more detailed roadmap with you soon, but we are already working on the following:
  • Doubles mode
  • A weekly challenge mode
  • Sliding animations on clay courts
  • Improvements to audio
  • Additional outfits and accessories
  • And of course, general improvements based on your feedback
Again, thank you all for your support and feedback leading up to release! We look forward to the next chapter on this journey with you.
The court is yours!
Tennis fans now have two console titles to play so far this year, with Mario Tennis Aces coming at some point in the future with what's sure to be a AAA title without any missing features or support on release day. They say, "beggars can't be choosers", so let's be glad we have multiple titles, even if they're not perfect on day one.
King Javo