What Team Are You? Who is Your Rival?

Hey SMB fans! Just curious:

1. What team do you play with?

2. What team is your rival?

I am the Platypi. And my rival is the Crocodons. The first season I played, I met the Crocodons in the first round. It went to game 5 of a 5 game series, they were throwing a 1 hitter into 10 innings and the game was tied 0-0. I then hit a walk-off homerun to win the game and the series. The series was incredible. They creamed me in the first game like 10-0 or something. I won the 2nd game by 1 run. They won the 3rd game. Then I won the next 2 games.

I'm in my second season now, and I just finished the regular season and I'm going to the playoffs to meet the Crocodons again. They beat me every game they played me during the regular season, so I've got my hands full in the first round.

Something interesting about my second season - the Sirloins were the worst team in the league after going to the championship in the first season. Wild stuff!

King Javo

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I've really only played this game human vs. human and love all the teams. I think the Sirloins are monsters. They hit bombs out of the park! :smuggrin:

I haven't gotten into a season yet, but I need to. That game is solid!