WHO HAS THE v0.1.7.0 APF Editor (the previous version) if so share with us

Discussion in 'All Pro Football 2K' started by Bigg3rTheB3tt3R, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. If anyone has them give us your download please. Us ps3 users need it
  2. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Just curious, why the older version editor? Is there something missing in the newest version?
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  4. The version is the only one that works for PS3.
  5. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Okay, I'll see if I can dig it up, but I'm not sure why it broke. I'm quite busy these days, so it may take a few days before I get back.
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  6. You don't think I could get your download for today
  7. the_tea_set

    the_tea_set Rookie

    The previous two versions of the editor fail to boot up PS3 roster files. The error message is "File is corrupt. The player name section is not complete or has inconsistencies."

    Just to reassure, its not a problem with our files or decryptions.

    I've tried opening my existing roster file (1x created team with 1x cap), a clean roster file (1x created team with 0x cap) and, for good measure, another user's roster.

    Not one of them opened without the error above.
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  8. Can we get the yet PLEASE!!
  9. KINGJAVO!!!!
  10. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    Uploading now... not sure if it's working so you'll need to let me know if it works on PS3. I'm sure the issue is somewhat easy to resolve in the latest version, just haven't had time and don't have a PS3 so I might need someone to test the file/editor when I get back to it. Probably won't be till this weekend.
  11. King Javo

    King Javo Administrator Staff Member

    BTW, what error are you getting when you save? If someone can get me a before and after set of PS3 files with a good file and then the file after saving in the editor so I can see the issue it might help get it resolved faster.

    Let me know. Upload should be done in 20 mins.
  12. fernando

    fernando Rookie

    hey i have that problem man . i have version it just wont open the file......but with i opens but doesnt work well the names aren't there and it crashes when you try to edit things. i know than its not the decrypted file. I have no idea what to do
  13. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    I just got the PS3 today and from what I'm seeing is that it takes a good 25-30 seconds for it to load sometimes. One time it took over a minute and a handful of other times it just froze.
  14. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    If you need the 1.7 version just let me know.
  15. Is there way to edit the team abbreviations because the editor won't do it.
  16. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    I need it send me a link please, mines crashes and I can't fix it
  17. Lord Destro

    Lord Destro Rookie

    Go to my site and download the 1.1 version. That's the second and last version that came out for the PS3.
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  18. bigdave2820

    bigdave2820 Rookie

    these are the new editors i need apf editor not apf editor 1.0.1 nor 1.1 thanx bro
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  19. _Throwback

    _Throwback Rookie

    Are you guys still doing these for PS3?

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