WWE 2K22 Behind the Scenes Video - Motion Capture and Quick Developer Q&A

WWE 2K22 Behind the Scenes Video - Motion Capture and Quick Developer Q&A 2K and Visual Concepts continue to show off some behind the scenes videos for WWE 2K22. In the upcoming weeks ahead, Creative director Lynell Jinks and his team will post sneak peeks into the development process.

Today’s video is all about motion capture and showing off some of the new moves in the game this year. The team has captured over 4,800 new animations so far this year, over a 1,000 more than a typical installment, with more to come.

WWE 2K22 developer Patrick Gilmore has been fairly active on Twitter answering some questions from the community.

If you watch carefully, you'll see reference monitors in the background of some shots. Virtually every move is meticulously referenced from real matches. But performers have to account for every outcome, and often improvise whiffs, misses, counters, and other unexpected outcomes. https://t.co/0gRRbcq9nq

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

The new mocap stage is 2x bigger, which means we can seamlessly capture huge moves–full entrances, elaborate cutscenes that move in and out of the ring…

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

I think you will be happy with Randy Orton's entrance!

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

To most of your questions, I would say, "Yes." Some, I would say, are even core to our philosophies for rebuilt gameplay.

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

We have replaced and improved hundreds of animations. I don't know what you're referring to specifically, but there's a good chance the team looked at it.

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

I see a lot of questions about capital G Gameplay. We will talk about that soon. Player response has been very good, but be ready for it to be different!

— Patrick Gilmore (@MrEpilog) May 24, 2021

2K promises to release frequent and in-depth communication with press, content creators and the WWE 2K community. Visual Concepts will offer a transparent look at the work being done to make a great WWE 2K22 experience, as well as the first steps toward an even stronger franchise in the future.

Stay tuned for regular updates over the coming weeks. 2K plans to reveal many elements of the game including character models, arena designs, motion capture, audio samples, material textures, and more.

If you missed the WWE 2K22 trailer from WrestleMania 37, watch it here.

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