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APFe features an all-new user interface, improved visuals, new season and franchise modes, a deep multi-year stat-tracking system and more!

You can purchase APFe from the SimHeads new Product's page (must be registered and logged in to view)

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King Javo

King of APFe
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is a fresh roster file needed for this to work? or can an older file be loaded into it?
You can use older files, but chances are you'll have bugs. Best thing to do is export teams from old files and import them into a fresh roster. Watch the tutorials as well!


I can't seem to change my Auto Save to off. The Load/Save option is greyed out. Could it be because I have an Xbox 4GB? I deleted all APF files and started fresh but still not available.
Probably a dumb question but is there 32 teams? And is there a similar setup for 2k5? I need some good football gaming with franchise and updated rosters lol

bruh just got it followed the tutorial STEP BY STEP for xbox360, load it up in the game and no changes made....also I loaded up the media files just like the txt files said to do but is still get the error missing media files when i open up the editor ...wasted a lot of time trying to get this right